I see her healing

I compliment her

I do not disturb

In 11 days we'll be ringing in the new year... In 15 days I'll be 22... Damn.

I really just had to take a second to digest this. Time really flew past my eyes this year and I've finally realized something ..I never gave time for me. Iesha. My self. I spent the entire year of 2016 giving my all to somebody else and it ended up self destructing and draining me..Leaving me feeling empty.I wanted to wait until the new year to really take time to myself, and there it was that voice again. Coming from heart, or rather my conscience?  (Still not sure) But it sounds a little like, "Try it next year babe, start fresh on this date" "it could wait, now is not the time", but I thought to myself why ? why are you waiting? What exactly are you waiting for Iesha? Start now. Not tomorrow. Not next year, just make a decision boo, and commit to it..And that's when I started stretching.

In the morning, sometimes at night, and any chance in between I can squeeze in. I've been inspired by yoga and I've got to admit I never saw myself getting on a mat ever, but I realized it's more than just sitting on a mat. I'm practicing my breathing, my stillness, and my patience. When I take time out to stretch, I'm giving myself me time, to reflect, re-charge, and relax my muscles, whilst letting out all of the tensions, or frustrations I may be feeling throughout the day.And to be quite honest, I love it. I have a short playlist that I listen too while I'm stretching and although I'm in the beginning stages of my inner journey, the most beautiful thing is I'm becoming.. Becoming whoever God has planted and manifested me to be. I -♡


Here's my small playlist below

  • India Arie - Moved By You
  • James Vincent Mc Morrow- Cavalier
  • James Vincent Mc Morrow- Higher Love
  • James Vincent Mc Morrow- Glaciers

And some Yoga Inspo (even though I do my own thing)