Ego off. Compassion On. ♡

Digital Detoxing 

"MODEL". "ACTOR". "SINGER". "PHOTOGRAPHER" and the weak ass list goes on. We are this. We are that. We are the shit. Come on now. It's not attractive, and not appealing. We've got to stop doing this. Boxing ourselves in.. Making ourselves look better than others, when in reality where are all on our own journeys. Stop faking the funk!

I cannot stress enough how much I hate labels and titles. All they do is limit us from reaching our full God- given potential. Once I grasped that concept, I was able to free myself from limiting myself. Many of you know me as "Iesha Hodges" the model, but that's not who I am. Not even close..We live in the day and age where social media rules "everything". Instagram followers and bios supposedly now a days "dictate" and "validate" the elite from the not so elite. Social media has separated us from our peers and grouped us into little boxes based on status and acclaim, yet in my eyes we are all the SAME one human race.. What about the next leader for our generation? Activist? The next poet? Life coach? Noble Peace Prize winner? Health Care Provider? Educator?

If you ask me, Instagram is an ego crack, a daily high, many users get from likes, re-grams, and follows. It seems as if everyone is trying to prove their worth and status based on numbers, however many do not realize numbers do not equate to success. I have not booked one campaign, job, or magazine spread from my Instagram. Everything I have worked for I've earned and has come from over 3 years of hard work, perseverance, faith, and just being myself.I also have very few friends that are in the industry that are genuine, driven, compassionate, and extremely successful yet they have a small amount of followers. And guess what? SO THE HELL WHAT! At the end of the day, if you're not using your platform to inspire, what exactly is the point of having one?  The best piece of advice I've ever got to this day, that keeps me grounded was from my uncle Tim. He told me, who you are and what you do are two separate things. Never forget to distinguish and separate the two!

And that's where many cannot draw the fine line. Modeling is not who I am. It's what I do, and at times I do enjoy it but it does not define me as a person. In my eyes, I am an artist. I may not paint, or draw but I write, I speak, I create. I live my truth, I walk in my purpose, I aspire to inspire, and I live to be an inspiration to my generation. There are times when we post all day and forget how to live! How to actually enjoy this thing called life, like REAL people.

The entire point of social media should be to create, inspire, and repeat. Sometimes I have to log out just to give time to myself and do the things I love without worrying about who's doing what, and so on and so forth. 2017 I will be posting less about my modeling and more about inspiration, things I love, and things that move and motivate me.I will be using my platform to shed light on topics that matter, using my other platforms like Youtube, and my blog, to write these posts to hopefully touch any and every reader reached. - I ♡P.S Feel free to reach out to me about any other topics I should touch on, This is a space free zone! Free for me to write, and express, whatever I'm feeling and thinking at any given moment. And ofcourse unfiltered.

Iesha Hodges