My Natural Hair Journey..♡

Over the past few years, I’ve had every hair style in the book. This includes, long hair with extensions, a short bob, a pixie cut, flat-twists, braids, you name it!

However, I was never satisfied with my hair. I would keep a style in my hair for a short amount of time and immediately change it a few weeks later. This unsatisfaction led to me being super spontaneous and deciding it was time to finally cut it all off. That’s right! Amber Rose up in this biatch! Lol but not quite.. Almost. I finally made the decision that I wanted change.. and change is always good. So there it was, I made up my mind, and made a decision. I overall decided that I wanted to have a style that I loved. A style that made me feel good no matter what I put on and most importantly made me stand out!

“A woman who cuts her hair, is ready to change her life.”

While modeling, I noticed a strange ultimatum.. most models mainly had long flowy/straight hair or a bald/shaved head. And somewhere between the two, I had found my medium. I didn’t want long, and I didn’t want to completely shave my head, so I figured I’mma pixie this thang instead.

Choosing a pixie cut was a great decision for me. Soon after I cut my hair in November, I felt free. I felt like a brand new person, or maybe I was just loving the cut too much haha. It’s honestly  crazy because I used to think that girls with long hair were beautiful, and then I soon realized that hair does not define beauty, hair is an accessory and you can be absolutely gorgeous with or without it. So I began to do my research. I started to research leading, game-changing powerful ladies with short hair. And ofcourse Baby Jesus (Rihanna) Halle Berry, Selita E-banks, Nia Long, and Toni Braxton, all have rocked short hair over the course of the years. These are the women who put the hair inspiration back into my heart. I was especially drawn to Halle Berry’s story. In her earlier days, before she began acting, and she started off as a model, she had a long mane, very very long curls. Then one day Halle decided to chop all of her hair off into a beautiful pixie. And I took that as inspiration and ran with it. I didn’t want to blend in any more. I wanted to stand out! 

 As a model on a day to day basis I attend to several castings a day which are auditions/interviews held by a client for a specific job, and lately I’ve been getting such positive and warm responses. These clients see hundreds and hundreds of beautiful girls a day, but I know when I go to my castings I want to leave being remembered. I want to go into my castings feeling comfortable, confident, and most of all feeling most myself, inside and out.

Out of all hair styles, I feel that my big chop complements me the most. But besides that, I feel most myself with my short hair. I feel like Iesha. I feel cool, edgy, beautiful, and powerful all in one. Right before I decided to do the big chop, I told myself, No more hiding behind hair, no more hiding behind fear. So here I am bearing it all. BARE <3 - I ♡

Iesha Hodges