Not Afraid to be myself..♡

I'm not afraid to be myself.. I'm not afraid to look silly, or to be completely goofy at times. I feel most myself, most Iesha.. when I'm a beautiful mess. Or rather a hot ass mess. I'll take that too. Lol but I love caps. I love hoops. I love days where I can throw my sneakers on and just GO!

Today I took a stroll through Brooklyn. Sitting in the back seat I couldn't help but smile. I don't always have to ride shot gun. This time I got to sit back and relax. Reflect. Breathe. And it felt so good. Bumping every song on the radio, wind blowing in my face, speakers blasting riding through my old home, bed-stuy.. Damn, I'm thankful. I'm proud of where I come from. It has humbled me to the point where I have to come back every now and then just to keep my head screwed on tight. Sometimes being a "model" you can get lost at times. You see all these other beautiful girls posed up in bikinis on exotic beaches, at events with tight little dresses and killer heels and you think damn I wish I was her. I wish that was me right now. But for me, nope. I feel most alive when I'm doing simple things. Like long car rides and jam sessions. When I'm singing my heart out and no one can judge... these are the small moments I cherish. I honestly feel most beautiful when my hair isn't perfect. When I'm rocking some jeans and a tee with my vans. That makes me feel good, being comfortable. It's okay to not be sexy all the time. Sexiness should not be about how much skin you can show on the outside but how confident and self aware you are in the inside. I feel good inside when I'm surrounded by the ones I love, doing what I love, and that's simply just being me. - I ♡

Iesha Hodges