Truth is..♡

I don't always like to dress up..I prefer my vans over heels any day..

And I love real people

I love scars, and blemishes, and imperfections

It's all fucking beautiful..

I'll take real over polished and perfect any day

and you know what

honesty is sexy

Humility is touching

And I love genuinely-nice people

Not sure where I'm going with this lol

My hair is fucking wild right now

but I've finally learned to appreciate it in its natural state

I'm happy to be able to be comfortable in my own hair, and skin..

It's so freeing

And refreshing

and inspiring..

I'm growing into my career, and I lovee shooting

even being behind the camera is so empowering

I can can capture my own visions and bring them to life

I really can't wait to see what God does this year..

Really want to add another branch of creativity to my passions

Xo - I ♡

Iesha Hodges