Year of the I..♡

A year ago from today I started my blog, on a completely different platform and although I haven't been entirely consistent with it, I'm happy to still be here. And when I say here, I mean mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. 2016 was one hell of a year, very prosperous, but also challenging. More than anything it was just the set up.. Just preparing me to walk into my new level and new chapter for the year of 2017. I had completely lost myself in 2015. Found myself and my inner voice in 2016, so I can't even imagine what 2017 will be like. I am a firm believer in new beginnings, and when that clock hit 12, that begins my page 1 of 365. Not a new journey, but another chapter God has already written.

I spent these last few days of 2016,  writing down my goals, from working on establishing my brand to setting short term, and long term goals with my modeling, as well as other personal aspects such as my relationships. I want to get closer to God, I want to keep walking in my light, and on my own path.. I want to try what I call, the "I" experiment. If I take all the energy I have put into others, and put it into myself, let's see what the result will be. And that's what my 2017 is just about. Putting God first. Putting myself first. With everything. And I mean it down to the t. Another day is not promised on this earth, and I'm crazy enough to believe I can change this world. Time to do work. Let's get it!

Iesha Hodges