Rose Petals

Never knew why I was always so connected and drawn to roses. 

Out of all the toxic relationships I've been in, all of them seem to have one common denominator..

d e s t r u c t i v e .

I fell in love with Destruction, and it fell right back in love with me,

Together we was unified, 

I was growing you, while you was killing me.

I never once asked myself

why in my 22 years have I never received a bouquet of flowers

or a bundle of red roses

I guess I was undeserving of someone else's love

That I soon came to realize

Can not be given,

Only received,  bearing from within.

Self. Love.

Throughout the betrayal, abuse, and the pain

I was able to pick myself back up again

Change my flower pot. Cut off the dead weeds

Water myself, Be susceptible to all sunshine and,

Just Grow baby. Grow. Xx - i