ATL Lovin'

Hey love bugs! Come travel with me to Atlanta, where I get my life snatched at a Waffle house, a two minute walk in heaven, just feet away from my hotel lol.. 

Also I ate at this really cool, casual vegan restaurant called "Upbeet" It was definitely my first time there in Atlanta, and was recommended by my photographer! I decided to check it out, spent maybe 20 bucks on a very filling meal, and ate in solitude.

IMG_7934 2.JPG

I ordered the grain bowl, my base being brown rice, with trout as my protein, some fresh avocado with olive oil, black beans, red potatoes , (two starches so what ;) and a charcoal lemonade. Overall it was so good, I ate the entire entrie  which I rarely do when eating out. Def recommend this place to anyone in the downtown ATL area. Xx- i