Big Chop Talk | How to feel Confident with your short cut

I never knew that cutting off all of my hair would in fact be my spiritual cleansing. I never knew that every strand that fell from my head was an old layer of my past ready to be replaced and renewed with new life..

Here's my Big Chop Talk. In this video I list my top 5 tips for feeling confident with your big chop hair and short cut!

  1. Confidence = Embracing it! I can't stress that enough, in order to feel confident with your short hair, you've got to embrace it! Whatever that means to you! Whether that's blogging about it, documenting your journey, or even spicing up your style, all of it works cohesively to make you shine with your new do!
  2. Wear Color - Mmmmm oh my godddd, I can't tell you guys what swapping all of my black clothes for color tops, and bottoms have done for me! Not only does color enhances your mood, it completely radiates light and energy, which shows when you're rocking your big chop hair! Don't be afraid to wear bold colors, patterns, and statement pieces. They only embrace and enhance your chop!
  3. Style it YOUR way- I found that when I style my hair by slicking it down with gel, I'm a happy camper lol! Find what style works for you! If you like a slick down look, slick that baby down, if you want to keep it fresh and still stylish, use a good leave in condish, and rock your curls.
  4. Shape up certain parts- Barber shops can be intimidating but know when you walk through that door, you are a QUEEN and you know exactly what you want done. (Not what anyone else thinks is suitable for you or your hair cut) What I normally get is a shape up, consisting of my sides and the back of my head to be lined up really nicely! Avoid getting sharp lines around your forehead. I recently stop getting my sides shaped up so sharply and opted for a longer softer, edge, Keeping it very soft and feminine.
  5. Off the shoulder everything- Last but not least, I have a slight obsession with cutting all of my tops! There's something that exudes confidence when you wear an off the shoulder top. It elongates your neck, and let's your features really stand out! Be that beautiful swan honey! Let it shine

xx - i ♡