Hello @BigChopGirls

A New Millennial, Girl Power Movement

Big Chop Girls is a new, millennial girl power movement...(aka my little baby who gone listen) crafted, curated, and created, by me. B.C.G. also abbreviated for (B)old (C)arefree & (G)orgeous, celebrates girls and women all around the world with beautiful big chop hair. Our short cropped hair is beautiful, and deserves to be celebrated. I myself, never ever understood why women with beautiful big chop hair aren't socially accepted/and or embraced? Why aren't we featured and praised as much as everyone else in the short hair and natural hair community. Well here's where I step in.

I'm opening up the conversation. Beginning with myself, and building a niche of women and girls who are Big Chop Girls, and down for the movement.Big Chop Girls are bald indeed, but most importantly, fearless. BCG is the common ground, where girls across the board can share their stories, hair journeys, truth, and wisdom with the world. For more information follow @BigChopGirls and subscribe to our newsletter, launching meet ups, events, hair care and story telling. www.bigchopgirls.com


My name is Alexis Williams, and I just did my big chop on the 30th of June. Since seeing this new page on IG, I figured why not share my story as to why I cut my hair. So here it goes:

I already had short hair because I have been sporting a pixie cut for the past couple of years,however, I never was bold enough to cut it as low as I have done recently. Additionally, I was born premature and I believe as a result of it the doctors said that I wouldn’t be able to grow hair completely. Thats said, I believe that when I did my first cut into a pixie, my mom was a little irked by it lol. But here I am 22 years old with out a bald spot on my head, and ready to cut everything off of me that no longer serves a purpose.

That is what my hair represents. I have lived in fear for so long that I have decided that it will not hold me anymore. I used to be who people wanted me to be, how they wanted me to be it, and I worked hard at it. Shaving my head represents me walking in the path that has been set for me. It’s only the physical manifestation of me evolving into a bolder me. I feel so good after I cut my hair and I have never attracted so much attention!

Like R.Kelly said, ‘This is my story, and I’m sticking to it!’

Sincerely, Alexis