Big Chop Girls: 1st Official Podcast

Big Chop Talk: Episode 1  ft. Ariel Glaze "Be Fearless"

Welcome to the very 1st official Podcast of Big Chop Girls: featuring the lovely Ariel Glaze (@arielchenetglaze) on all social media handles. Here you will meet BCG's newest Muse. Beyond captivating. Delicately Powerful. And Inspiring, Ariel Glaze shares a message that is simply one of a kind. Her honesty, transparency, and message, sheds light on the stigmas that are conceived in communities of women of color. Through her 2 month post Big Chop Journey, Ariel wants every girl to know, "Be Fearless".

P.S. I just want to thank everyone who is tuning in, and a special thankyou to Ariel for opening up the conversation, and joining my GIRL PWR Movement. I am beyond blessed, and ecstatic, that it's possible to use social media as a vehicle and tool to genuinely connect, and unite women from all walks of life. It's only been a few weeks since the Launch of Big Chop Girls, and already I have connected with so many beautiful girls sharing their personal Big Chop Stories. So many that I realized how much bigger a "big chop" is than just simply hair. A woman's beauty and worth does not reside in the length of her locks, nor the streaks of her hair. Beauty is soul deep. Beauty is compassion, Beauty is internal, and this is a golden message within itself, that can translate, and transcend between those who relate. It's just the beginning.. 

xx - i