5 BIG Chop Barbershop Tips

Hey Boo! Come with me to the barbershop! Here I show you love bugs what goes down in the shop lol but today I did my trim and shape up routine that I normally get every week! I also share 5 Tips to help anyone who is nervous about going to a barbershop all alone. Don't worry, you will be just fine! Hope you all enjoy Xx - i

5 Tips Before Going to the Barbershop

  1. Familiarize yourself with your barber/Barber shop. Make sure you have a set decision on what barbershop you're going too, and/or the appointment time and date. It also helps if you go to a barber shop you have been referred to by a friend, or a shop that you are familiar with in your neighborhood. Lastly,  even if you've seen someone's work online, via social media (as long as they're legit) set up an appointment and reach out ahead of time upon your arrival so it will ease your nerves a bit. You will be fine, no worries :)
  2. Know what type of hair cut you want - Know if you just want a trim, or just a shape up. Know if you want a special design or part in your hair, before arriving to the shop. This will prevent any frustration or tension between you and your barber. Remember a woman who is confident always knows her worth and know what she wants. P.S. Do not let your barber free-style on your hair Queen.. You show him who's boss lol!
  3. Have an inspo picture, or image with you  - I can't stress that enough! Visuals are extremely important! Not only would it give the barber a better understanding of the cut you want, but also the style that you're going for, and what you would want your hair to look like.
  4. Relax Sweets - Don't even worry! The hardest part is walking through the door. Most professional barbers have both women and male clients, and many experience + expertise in cutting hair, as well as trimming and shaping it. As long as you're open to speaking up and letting the barber know exactly what you want, you will be alright. xo
  5. Follow up/ Connect - Lastly, If you had a great experience at a barbershop, don't ever be afraid to connect! Or even follow up! Let your barber know that you liked your cut, and you'll be back in a week or two. If you find that great barber, stick with him, which takes all the stress away. Sort of similar to going to your favorite hair dresser. No stress love bug! You got this! Hope you all enjoyed my 5 Top Barbershop Tips. Xo - i